Fish the most fun, best run, best paying bass series in Iowa.

Our goal is to be Iowa’s most fun, best run, best paying bass fishing series.  Iowa Premier Bass is focused on improving tournament fishing by delivering the highest quality tournament experience for participants, fans, and the community while representing our sport with the highest level of sportsmanship and respect for the environment.

2023 schedule:

April 8th - Little River

May 13th - 3 Mile

July 29/30th - Mississippi pools 17-19

August 12th - 12 Mile

September 16/17th - Stockton Lake




Q and A

Q. What’s new with Iowa Premier Bass for 2023?

A. The IPB Series of tournaments is going back to open tournaments this year. Lowering the entry fee to just $200 but still giving anglers a chance to win lots of MONEY. IPB will still run high quality tournaments with teams that hold themselves to the highest standards of respect for their fellow anglers and for the sport.


Q. How much can I win at an Iowa Premier Bass Elite Tournament

A. Our goal is to be the best run, most fun, HIGHEST paying tournament series in the state.

Based on a field of 25 teams the paybacks will be as follows:

1st Place - $2025

2nd Place - $1125

3rd Place - $675

4th Place - $450

5th Place - $225

Big Bass - $250

2nd BBass - $100*


Q. What is the Team of the Year points race?

A. All tournaments are qualifying events. A winning team will earn 35 points, second place 34 points and so on.  Team of the year will be the team with the most points after the tournaments. The purpose of the points race is to make committing to the entire year more fun and rewarding. We want to reward teams for their commitment!


Q. Are IPB Elite Tournaments Opens?

A. Yes! In 2023 IPB Elite Tournaments are open.

Q. How do I sign up to fish Iowa Premier Bass?

A. Download, complete and make sure to sign the IPB Membership form.  Then send it along with payment to Iowa Premier Bass.  All entries are due the Monday before a tournament.

Iowa Premier Bass

2911 140th

Urbandale, IA 50323


Q. How much does it cost to fish an IPB tournament?

A. The cost for a team to fish an IPB Elite Tournament is $200 in 2023, this includes Big Bass.  A one-time $30 annual membership per person is also required.  Typically checks are mailed along with registration forms however we do take Paypal.  Signed registration forms are still required.

You can email a scanned copy of your registration and pay via Paypal using iowapremierbass@aol.com as the address. Please send as friend or family.


Q. When is the deadline to pay?

A. Payments and registration must be received Monday prior to each tournament. We LOVE pre-payments for all tournaments at the beginning of the year.


Q. Can I fish alone and weigh 5 fish now that Iowa law has changed?

A. Yes, however this is a team series. The assumption is that a team will realize the advantages of two anglers and therefore will be named at time of registration.  In events outside of Iowa, that state law will still determine how many fish can be kept and weighed by a single angler.


Q. Can we have a substitute?

A. Yes.  Substitutes are $100 and must be named in advance and/or approved by the director on an exception basis.


Q. How does Iowa Premier Bass determine boat position?

A. Boat draw will be posted the Friday before the tournament and will be conducted via







Director - Scott Steinkritz - 515-988-5337


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@ipbass on Twitter


Mailing Address:

Iowa Premier Bass

2911 140th

Urbandale, IA 50323


Interested in Sponsoring IPB?

Please contact Scott Steinkritz at 515-988-5337

or send an email to iowapremierbass@aol.com




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